Vinicius Kattah

Guest Conductor

Born in the enchanting land of Brazil and having called Vienna, Austria, his home for the past 15 years, Vinicius Kattah is a conductor whose illustrious career has left an indelible mark on the global stage. With a journey marked by brilliance and dedication, he has risen to prominence as a revered figure in the realm of classical music.

Kattah’s ascent to the upper echelons of the classical music world was marked by an impressive victory in prestigious opera conducting competitions, which acted as the launchpad for his extraordinary career. His virtuoso baton has graced the podiums of esteemed orchestras across the seven continents, taking audiences on a transcendent musical journey from the United States to South America, Europe to Africa, Turkey to Greece, Israel to Japan, China to Australia.

In recent times, Kattah has enchanted audiences with a series of remarkable performances, including the “Austria for Life” concert alongside the legendary soprano Anna Netrebko. A world premiere of Raquel-Garcia’s opera “Je suis Narcissiste” at the Teatro Real. He also added to his list of accolades with the Viennese Opera Ball in New York, featuring renowned talents like Joyce-El-Khoury, Stephen Costello, and Donata d’Annunzio Lombardi. Kattah’s repertoire showcases his artistry with premieres of classics like Mozart’s “The Magic Flute,” Verdi’s “Otello” and “La Traviata,” Beethoven’s “Fidelio,” and Massenet’s “Werther” at the Kosice State Opera.

But Maestro Vinicius Kattah’s influence transcends the confines of the stage. He has graced internationally acclaimed television programs such as the BBC, where he delved into the genius of Mozart, and participated in the documentary “Finding Cinderella,” shedding light on the process of world premiering the opera “Cinderella,” composed by the prodigious Alma Deutscher, with Kattah at the helm. Furthermore, the Brazilian channel Rede Globo has celebrated his extraordinary career, underscoring his eminence in the classical music landscape.

The unique amalgamation of Kattah’s exceptional talent, extensive experience, and magnetic charisma render him a versatile conductor, capable of transmuting any evening into an indelible experience. His unwavering passion for classical music is palpable in every nuanced gesture of his conducting, creating an enchanting and spellbinding atmosphere that lingers in the hearts of all fortunate enough to be in attendance.