Experience classical music at the highest level

Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra

We are a highly professional, traditional, and internationally acclaimed Viennese chamber orchestra, which has celebrated many great successes since its founding in 1997.

We specialize in the repertoire of Viennese classical music, in particular the works of Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as well as the great music of the Strauss dynasty and their contemporaries. In doing so, we attach great importance to the Viennese style of sound and can interpret the above-mentioned composers not only in a subtly individual way but also traditionally. "Viennese” is in our blood.

Soloists of the Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra

Johann Strauss Virtuosi

The “Johann Strauss Virtuosi” have dedicated themselves entirely to the music of the great master, Johann Strauss and his contemporaries.

The ensemble, which is made up of top-class musicians, soloists of the Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra, enchants with high-quality musicality and hearty, humorous elements and allows you to take part in a unique musical performance.

Classical concerts for over 25 years

Schönbrunn Palace Concerts

Just as Johann Strauss and his brothers Josef and Eduard with Strauss Capelle performed in three places at the same time, we also maintain this tradition, and thanks to our good relations with the Viennese music scene, we are able to perform in the best quality in three locations at the same time.

Our concerts take place in the Schönbrunn Orangery, in the Great Gallery and in the White-and-Gold-Room.