Schönbrunn palace orchestra


In our media section, you can find a variety of downloadable photos and videos featuring our orchestra and ensemble.
Dive into the enchanting melodies of Viennese music and see for yourself the atmosphere at our concerts.


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Great Galery - Schönbrunn Palace
©Lukas Beck

Northern Europe Tour 2024: Tallinn, Estonia
©Erlend Štaub

Gloriette - Garden of Schönbrunn
©Lukas Beck

Montreux - Septembre Musical
©Celine Michel

Garden of Schönbrunn
©Lukas Beck

Black and White, Schönbrunn Palace

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Schloss Schönbrunn Orchester Wien


Johann STRAUSS, Father
(1764 - 1816)

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART:
The Symphony No. 31 in D major „Pariser“

(1870 - 1948)

Giuseppe VERDI
(1813 - 1901)

Hans Christian LUMBYE
(1810 - 1874)

(1908 - 1975)


"Frühlingsstimmen" – waltz

op. 410 | Johann Strauss, Son

Tritsch -Tratsch – fast polka

op. 214 | Johann Strauss, Son

"An der schönen blauen Donau" - waltz

op. 314 | Johann Strauss, Son

"Austrian Christmas Songs Medley"

"St. Petersburger Schlittenfahrt" - Gallop

op. 57 | Richard Eilenberg (1848-1925)

"Heinzelmännchen's Wachtparade"

op. 5 | Kurt Noack (1895 - 1945)